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 Being arrested is something that no one ever wants to go through.  However, for many people it is a reality every day. Unfortunately, the  embarrassment doesn't always end when you're released from jail. All too  often, companies exploit the misfortunes of others by posting their  mugshots all over the internet and then demanding high fees to take them  down. Thankfully, the state of Florida has enacted legislation to put a  stop to this. This process was secured this year by the Florida  Legislature. It guarantees citizens that tabloids and websites cannot  hold you or your mugshot hostage. Now, there is a process through which  you can force these tabloids and websites to stop making money off of  your misfortune. This process is not easy though, and that is why we at  mugshot eraser are here to help. 

The skilled attorneys at mugshot  eraser will seek out the companies exploiting you and your mugshot,  demand strict compliance and removal of the pictures, and if they do not  comply we will seek the fullest remedies allowed under the law. The  team of lawyers at mugshot removal are trained in both civil and  criminal law; which puts them in a perfect position to handle these  matters efficiently and fight for your rights. 


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